CBSE Class X results on May 30

CBSE Result 2011 Class X

The Central Board of Secondary Education is still grappling with the Class X results and is currently concentrating on releasing the Chennai region results first and release the results of the rest of the regions later.

According to CBSE sources, despite their best efforts they have not been able to sort out the discrepancies in the CCE reports sent by some of the schools. "It's a taking longer than expected to sort this issue out and that is why we are not able to definitely say when we will be able to release the results. Now our target is to release the result in the next working day, that's Monday, May 30," said a CBSE official.

What has landed CBSE in trouble is the newly introduced system of CCE in Class X and the twin School-based and Board-based examinations. CBSE is issuing certificates for both and verifying the CCE reports running into many pages in the case of each student has turned out to be a Herculean task for the CBSE officials.

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