CBSE SGAI is a battery of tests, designed for students pursuing class X in CBSE Schools. It is a simple paper and pencil test, which requires approximately 2 – 21/2 hours. Due care has been taken to make the assessment and interpretation less complicated for the teachers. The assessment broadly indicates:

  • Scientific Aptitude
  • Numerical Aptitude
  • Social Aptitude
  • Behavioral Science Aptitude
  • Art Aptitude and
  • Interest areas
CBSE- SGAI can be taken in class X to know the students preference for subjects after class X. However, it should be taken only as an indicator or a facilitator. The test will help the larger population including parents, teachers and students to initiate a dialogue on subject choices leading to careers ahead in life.

However, the results of SGAI taken together with the student’s assessment from other sources will ultimately help students and parents in making informed choices. Mental preparedness and sincere responses are the pre- requisites for this test. SGAI scores may depend upon child’s environmental stimulus and motivation level.

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