CBSE Students’ Global Aptitude Test (SGAT)

First of its kind in the country, a day long Teachers’ Training Programme regarding Trialing of CBSE Students’ Global Aptitude Test (SGAT) conducted by resource persons, CBSE, New Delhi was held at KBDAV-7, Chandigarh on 30th November 2009 from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.

Nearly 100 teachers and principals from entire North India attended this single day intensive session which went off flawlessly.

The Students’ Global Aptitude Test (SGAT) designed by CBSE is an enabler which will facilitate and empower a student to make right subject choice and career orientations. Adolescent is a time of exploration and increasing refinement of choices which further direct an individual’s future. As CBSE – SGAT has a battery of tests to assess aptitude, interest, combined with self appraisal of strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement. Therefore, this experiment of CBSE – SGAT is intended to reflect the scientific, numerical, social science, behavioral science and art aptitude of a student.

SGAT is not only an aptitude but also a Global Assessment which is being introduced for Class IX students studying in CBSE schools.” This aptitude testing is a student friendly, universally accepted mode of rating capabilities for a particular activity.

CBSE – SGAT is a guide to know adolescent students about oneself. As each person possesses a range of talents, interests and skills any of which could be the basis of worthwhile career. One just needs to closely examine these skills and try to develop them.

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