CBSE Syllabus of Media Studies for Class XI

Media Studies

Class XI

Course Content


Total Periods 180

Unit I Communication

Periods : 30

  • Communication and its Importance
  • Effects of Communication
  • Elements in the Process of Communication (Input, sender, channel, Noise, receiver, output)
  • Forms and Method of Communication
  • Types of Communication: Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Group and Mass Communication
  • Noise in Communication and the Importance of Perception
  • Effective Communication

Unit II Understanding Media

Periods : 35

  • Role of Media in our Life
  • Media Time Line
  • Media & Mass Media
  • What makes “Mass” Communication Unique?
  • Functions of Mass Media (Surveillance, Interpretation, Linkage, Entertainment, purveyor of ideologies)
  • Types of Mass Media
  • Role of Media in a Democracy

Unit III: 3. Print Media:

Periods : 40

  • The World of Print Media
  • Types and Characteristics of Print Media
  • Different Types of Print Media
  • Journey of Newspaper From Hickey’s Gazette to Online Newspapers
  • Role of Press in Social & Political Movements
  • Freedom of Press- Role of Press Council of India
  • Press Ownership and Control
  • Making News
  • Analyzing News
  • Representation of Different Groups- Stereotyping and Labelling in Media
  • Content of Newspaper: News Stories, Features, Articles, Editorial, Advertorial, Advertisements & Public Relations
  • Alternatives to Mainstream Journalism

Unit IV Media, Development And Society

Periods :40

  • Understanding The Role of Media in Development
  • Development Communication
  • Development Communication Initiatives in India
  • Writing on Development Issues
  • Media as Public Sphere
  • Media as Public Service
  • Media and Civil Society
  • Citizen Journalism

Unit V Advertising

Periods: 35

  • Role of Advertising in Marketing
  • Evolution of Advertising
  • Functions of Advertising
  • Types of Advertisements
  • Ethics in Advertising
  • Current Issues in Advertising- Product Placement, Surrogate Advertising, Celebrity Endorsements, and Representation of Women in Advertisements, Catch Them Young- Children in Advertising.
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