IIT Cracking: Last-minute tips for IIT JEE 2009

IIT JEE Cracking : Last minute tips 2009

Last-minute tips students can follow
  • Stay focussed and maintain a positive attitude
  • Develop speed. Refer to reputed mock-test series to build a winning exam temperament. Solve the past year’s IIT-JEE papers.
  • Remember it is quality of time spent and not the quantity alone. Hence give short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes every 1-2 hours of serious study. Completely relax when you take a break. Practice meditation to develop inner calm, poise, confidence and power of concentration.
  • Don’t overstress yourself. Five to six hours of sleep every night is a must, especially three-four days before IIT-JEE to keep yourself physically and mentally fit. While short naps may help to regain freshness, avoid over-sleeping during the day.
  • Finally, don’t be nervous if you find the paper tough since it is the relative performance that counts. Put your best analytical mind to work, and believe in your preparation.

For the more studious candidates, countdown to JEE begins two years before the exam date. But as the days close in, precious small tips get really handy to ease the pressure that piles up before the D-Day.

Vivek Sinha, senior manager of a coaching class that has units across the country, said they have been advising students to focus on revising the steps of important formulas and zero in on a strategy, based on their strength and weakness of a subject. "Once the papers are given out, start by answering the questions you are absolutely sure about. Also, make an estimate of how many questions to attempt in order to get the desired rank, based on previous year's analysis available on IIT websites,'' Sinha added.

On Sunday, there will be two paper each containing a mixed-bag of questions in physics, chemistry and maths. The first paper will be held from 9 am to noon and the second one will be from 2 pm to 5 pm. Questions will be objective in nature and incorrect answers will invite negative marks. The results will be declared on May 25.

B V Rao, head of a coaching class that works out of Mumbai as well as Kota, said students should stay calm and sleep well before the exam. "We recommend that during the break between two exams, students don't discuss the test they had just taken. Parents should also not dissect the paper and check their children's answers and count their scores,'' he added. Concurring with Rao, Praveen Tyagi, head of another class, said students mostly complain of mental exhaustion during the second paper. "Most of them say their thought process slows down in the last one-and-a-half hour of the second paper. So we ask our students to sleep during the break. Lastly, I feel that every student must fight for that last one mark. They mustn't give up,'' added Tyagi.

A decent breakfast is a must before they going for an exam. "Students travelling by train must leave well in advance so that they reach the centre by 8.30 am,'' he added

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