CBSE Board Maths paper Class XII 2009 Mistake

CBSE Board Maths paper Class XII 2009 Mistake

Class XII Board students were seen relaxed on Thursday after they finished their Maths paper. However, some students had confusion with few questions that were either wrong or had printing errors.

Majority of the students found the paper easy, as many questions were directly taken from the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) textbook. The students did not even realize the errors in the questions at the time of exam but when they reviewed the paper they were disappointed, observing the mistakes.

"I found the paper easy but it took me long to complete the calculations, which made it lengthy. I never realized that there was a mistake in the paper," said a student from Ryan International School, Mayur Vihar.

Many Maths teachers also claimed errors in the question papers. According to a teacher, "One question in each set was wrong as the binary operation required to be solved in it was not binary in the first place."

''This question is given in the NCERT textbook with a wrong solution. The examiner apparently just picked the question without verifying it, leaving lakhs of students at a loss in the exam,'' said a Maths tutor. The question carried four marks. There were 29 questions in total.

The question on linear programming in all the sets confused many students. ''The question had two answers - one of them in decimals. This made it difficult for students to reach a conclusion, said a Delhi-based school teacher.

However, many teachers and parents are expecting that students might get a full 100 in this paper if the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) gives grace marks.

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