CBSE Sample Paper 2009 Social Science Class X 2009

Sample Paper – 2009

Class – X

Subject – Social Study (Geography & Po. Sc.)

M.M:22 + 18 = 40

Note: 1. Answer questions in the given serial oder

2. Underline Key Words

3. Attach the Map in the answer copy as per the question order


Q.1 Why have people resisted to Multipurpose River Projects? (1)

Q.2. When does thermal pollution of water occur? (1)

Q.3. What is the importance of Mass Communication? (1)

Q.4. “Pipeline transportation has advantages and disadvantages” Enumerate them. (3)

Q.5. What is Soil. How is it formed? Define soil erosion. 1+2+1= (4)

Q.6. Write a short note on any one of the following and name 2 major producing states:

Two main beverage crops


Two main fibre crops of India.. 2+2=(4)

Q.7. Mention the hazards of miming. Suggest ways to conserve minerals. 2+2= (4)

Q.8. On a political map of India locate and label the following: (4)

a) A sea port of Gujrat

b) Hirakud Dam

c) Amarkantak bauxite mines

d) Software technology park of UP.


Q.1. Define ‘Homogenous Society’ and ‘Migrant’. (1)

Q.2. What do you understand by gender division? (1)

Q.3. Justify the statement ‘ A democratic government is a legitimate government’ (1)

Q.4. Suggest any three ways in which political reforms can be made. (3)

Q.5. Write a short note on Rural Local Government. (Minimum 4 Points) (4)

Q.6. Distinguish between social inequality and economic inequality in India. (4)

Four points each.

Q.7.What is a political party? Suggest three reforms to strengthen parties so

that they perform well. 1+3=(4)


Q.1 State two objectives of rain water harvesting. (1)

Q.2. Name the state which is the largest producer of Manganese. (1)

Q.3. What do you understand by inland waterways? Name two national waterways.(1)

Q.4. Why are airways important to India? Name the International airport of Delhi and

Mumbai. (3)

Q.5. Why has Indian agriculture started a declining trend in food production?

Give 4 points. (4)

Q.6. Name any four soil types of India. Describe the soil type good for growing

wheat. 2+2=(4)

Q.7. Industries cause four types of pollution what are they? Describe how nuclear

Pollution is caused and what are its effects. 1+2+1= (4)


Describe Mangenese and Aluminium smelting under the following heads:

a) Uses

b) Producing states

Q.8. On a political map of India locate and label the following:

a) Soil type good for growing sugarcane

b) Tungbhadra Dam

c) Cotton textile mill in Gujrat

d) International airport of Punjab


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