CBSE Guess Paper Social Science Class X 2009

Guess Paper – 2009

Class – X


Q1. Who was Paul Bernard? 1

Q.2.What raw materials used in the manufacturing of cement. 1

Q.3. a) Name the terminal stations of East-West corridor.

b) Why have expressway national highways been developed? ½ +½ = 1

Q.4. Which mineral is the main source of power generation? How is it formed? ½ +½ =1

Q.5. Among the following countries which one is suffering disintegration due to political

fights on the basis of religious and ethnic identity.

a) Belgium b) India c)Yugoslavia d) Netherlands 1

Q.6. Two Indian leaders and two factors have changed people’s outlook towards caste.

Name them. 1

Q.7. The Right and means to examine the process of decision making is called ------------.

Q.8. What are the two basis to measure economic development? 1

Q. 9. Define mixed economy. 1

Q.10. Why do we call India an agricultural economy? 1

Q.11 What role did women play in Vietnamese freedom struggle? 3

Q.12. Why did industrialist and industrial workers loose interest in Civil Disobedience

Movement? 3

Q.13. What was Satyagrah according to Gandhiji? List three satyagragh movements

launched by him after coming to India in 1915. 3

Q.14 Write a note on Bretton Woods Agreement. 3

Q.15. How did World War 1 change the state of Indian economy? 3

Q.16. Distinguish between Roadways and Railways. 3

Q.17. What conditions must a democracy fulfill to handle social divisions? 3

Q.18. Write a note on COPRA. 3

Q.19.Why did the Ulemas oppose English culture? What steps did they adopt to counter

the impact? 1+3=4

Q.20. a) How many types of farming are there? Explain.

b)What is sericulture? How is it done? 2+2=4


India ranks fifth in among producers of natural rubber’ What are the geographical conditions to grow rubber? Where in India is it cultivated? Name four products made from it.

Q.21. Land under pasture and Fallow land has decreased –What is fallow land? Give

reasons for the decrease in these categories. 2+2=4

Q.22. Why is the manufacturing sector considered the backbone of development? Explain

Agglomeration Economies. 2+2=4

Q.23. What are the different forms of power sharing? Give example. 4

Q.24. Differentiate between secularism and communalism. 4

Q.25. How do pressure groups and movements influence politics? 4

Q.26. Discuss the role of public sector in an economy.

Q.27. Define the term credit. Why do we need to expand formal sources of credit? 4

Q.28. Discuss the factors that have enabled Globalization in the modern times. 4

Q.29. On an outline map of India locate and label the foll:

a) Place where the INC session of 1920 was held.

b) Place on the west cost where a number of large-scale industries were setup

c) A river dam in Jammu and Kashmir]

d) International airport in Tamil Nadu

e) Silk industry in West Bengal

F) Iron and Steel Plant in Andhra Pradesh.


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