CBSE, ICSE schools face derecognition threat !

CBSE, ICSE schools face derecognition threat !

Many schools obtained no-objection certificate and started ICSE and CBSE classes

Notice to schools for violating medium of instruction norm

BANGALORE: After ensuring that primary schools found violating the medium of instruction fell in line, the State Government has now turned its attention to schools that are imparting education in CBSE and ICSE syllabus.

The Education Department, sources said, had issued notices of derecognition to schools that had not obtained permission from the Union Government for starting classes in CBSE and ICSE.

The department found that a large number of schools, a majority of them in and around Bangalore, had “duped” the parents of children and the State by just obtaining the no-objection certificate from the State and starting CBSE and ICSE classes. The CBSE and ICSE rules stipulate that a school need not obtain permission from them till the ninth standard.

These schools would have to obtain CBSE or ICSE affiliation only when the students reach the 10th standard.

The sources said that the State had only given a no-objection certificate to these institutions for opting for the ICSE and CBSE syllabi. The no-objection certificate would in no way amount to permission to these schools to violate the policy on the medium of instruction. Since ICSE and CBSE schools taught students in English, they would be violating the State’s policy, they said.

Tightening norms

The Education Department, therefore, had decided to tighten the norms relating to the issue of no-objection certificate for schools to go in for CBSE and ICSE syllabus. They said the department had found that a large number of primary schools had violated the norm on medium of instruction by teaching in English instead of teaching in the medium in which they had been recognised.

Scores of schools had taken advantage of the no-objection certificate given by the State to admit thousands of students under the ICSE and CBSE syllabi.

This irregularity came to light when the block education officers (BEOs) inspected the schools found them violating the norm on medium of instruction.

The sources said over the last few days, the department has issued notices asking some of these schools why they should not be derecognised for using the no-objection certificate to start CBSE and ICSE classes and also for violating the norm on the medium of instruction. Several schools, including one from Mandya, were taken aback when they received a notice from the department asking why action should not be taken against them.

Schools go into a huddle

The schools are mulling legal action and several of them indicated to The Hindu that they would move the High Court against the Government action.

They regretted that though the High Court had given time to the schools to toe the Government policy on the medium of instruction, the authorities had acted arbitrarily and issued notices.


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