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Animation Career in India

Animation has become a high paying profession and is expected to match the pay packets of software professionals. Recent trends show a marked rise in the number of professionals opting for a career in animation. With both films and televisions channels now applying animation techniques, there will be a greater requirement for trained professionals in this field. A study by Andersen Consulting has reported that the animation industry in India (domestic and exports) will touch USD 2 billion and generate employment opportunities for approximately three lakh professionals by the year 2008. The Indian animation market has woken up to the numerous global opportunities that promise to offer great career opportunities for India’s leading design specialists.

Owing to India’s technical manpower to meet 2-D and 3-D animation needs and lower costs of animation production, there is a huge demand for animation production services from leading international animation studios. The growing Indian television division for animation and special effects- related work has further given rise to many career opportunities in this sector. Recognizing this potential, many Indian software professionals are now looking for a career in animation. There are several animation studios across India that offers lucrative and creative job prospects to budding animators and design specialists. In addition, there are also many animation training institutes, which are now creating skilled manpower for this market.

Companies offering Animation Jobs in India

Leading metros like Mumbai Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad are home to some of the leading animation houses in India. Some of the companies offering animation jobs in India include Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA), Maya Entertainment, Crest Communications, UTV Toons, Silverton Studio, 2NZ Studios, jadooWorks, Color Chips, Toonz Animation and several others. These animation houses are a few of the ventures in India that are involved in animation and special effects and offer great career prospects for talented individuals.

Qualification Required for Career in Animation

For pursuing a career in animation, candidates must fulfill a number of eligibility criteria. The candidate must have an artistic bent of mind and should be very good at drawing and sketching. Those who have completed their higher secondary school and have a knack for drawing can enroll in the Visual Communication and Design program. Graduates in fine arts with an aptitude for drawing, are eligible to join as trainees in various animation production houses or studios. Candidates are also required to be familiar with the different modes of drawing available in the software in order to pursue a career in animation.

In view of the multimedia industry emerging as a significant career destination, many computer education institutes have developed special courses in animation to help students build the necessary skills for this market.

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