There will always be that one student in class who’s getting the best grades, winning the sports trophy and the elocution competition every year, and whose name is always on every teachers tongue.

Here is how you could become that student:

1. Get over your fear
What is it that you fear? Is it looking silly in front of your classmates or your teachers? Or about blurting out the wrong answer? Remember that anyone could be in your position and that everyone in your classroom is there to learn- through their own mistakes, or someone else’s.

2. Find your star subject
Each one of us has personal favorites when it comes to studies; for some it may be literature while for others it could be geometry. While you will automatically tend to concentrate more on the subjects you like, make sure you work hard at the one’s you find difficult. At the same time, don’t let the strenuous hours of hard work dampen your enthusiasm. Play on your strengths and work on overcoming your weaknesses.

3. Understand that teachers don’t judge
Your teachers are there to teach you. They don’t laugh, judge, pass comments or hold grudges when you go wrong. Therefore, feel free to ask questions and clarifications if you’re confused about something. They will be more than glad to help. For all you know, you may be echoing the doubts of half your classmates.

4. Be proactive!
An important part of being a star student is that of being proactive in the class room. Take responsibility for simple things like collecting homework assignments or being the class representative. When you have a lot of responsibilities, they’ll keep you on your toes and put you on top of the teachers and students A list!

5. Give your 100%
Juggling homework, football practice, piano classes and exams can be quite demanding. Stay a step ahead of everyone else and excel at all you do by giving it your 100%. Play like it’s the last time you’ll ever kick a ball, concentrate on your studies as though there were an exam the next day. No matter what you do, do it to your full capacity and become a true all rounder.

Remember, stardom comes at a cost!

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