Crack the VMC exam Tips Tricks And Questions

So here are those Golden rules that will help you gain entrance
to one of the toughest coaching entrances out there :-

1) Dont rely on NCERT/CBSE if you want to become something in your life, if you do so you will not be capable of anything, those of you in ICSE board are still better of…but only a little.

2) Dont waste your time solving the complete RD Sharma or something like that.

3) Join 100percentiles IITJEE-(your iit exam year eg. my year 2010 ) foundation course, ( i didn’t take it but my friends told me that they are really really good and help a lot in the real exam)!

4)Dont get demoralised….most chances are you wont be able to solve more than 15 questions in the real exam( I solved 22!) but that is enough, The cutoff for ECC is 50/100 and Regular is 70/100

5) Board exams SUCK! A student with 95% may not qualify while a student with 65% may, so never take your board exams as a serious indicator at all, they are only meant to be passed.

6)Believe in your ability(Even if you dont qualify for VMC it doesnt mean you wont for IIT) but if youe taken
non-med under peer or parent pressure then i advise you to leave it, you cant qualify for IIT unless you are
willingly ready to do so.

7) Dont think that you can’t solve a Ques. Questions are meant to be solved, they are made by the examiner in that way

8) And lastly…but not least HATE the CBSE BOARD for ruining 10 years of your life whithout teaching anything worthwhile!

Ill post the questions pretty soon and will keep posting more so dont worry!


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