Crack IIT-JEE with confidence

Proper planning and strong determination can take you to your goal

The all important IIT-JEE will be held on April 13. So students have less than a week to take, what they consider an important test of their career. Here are a few tips from the experts to overcome tensions on the examination day and perform better in the exam.

Have a healthy breakfast. Don’t take excessive food. Drink lots of water. Whenever you are tired drink energy drinks. Avoid oily and spicy food. Check your centre location. Ensure that you have taken the admit card plus the required stationeries. Reach the test centre at least half an hour before the exam. Carry water bottle.

It’s all in the mind

Give several time mental pep up talk that “I can do much better”. This day is meant for me and I am born to succeed. Enter the examination hall in a positive mood to crack the test.

Re-check your stationeries and synchronise your wristwatch with the centre’s clock. Fill up all the particulars carefully. Read the instructions carefully.

Don’t get panic if others start attempting. Never make any conclusion by looking at others. If there is any mistake in your OMR, address to it immediately. Don’t make any conclusions about the paper in the exam hall.

Read instructions carefully. Scan the problems immediately. Make a rough estimate of easy, moderate and most difficult problems. Begin with the easier problems. If easier one is beyond your capacity, don’t get nervous, just go ahead. For moderate problems, try to derive relations. These may award some marks. Don’t go for complicated calculation. Complicated calculation means wrong solution. Keep attempting the easy/scoring ones first. Single choice options are going to be mark fetching ones. Try to attempt as much as possible. Don’t take any guess work.

One at a time

Concentrate on one question at a time. Never submit the paper before time. If you have some time in your hand, better to revise the solution. Use the rough space wisely so that you can cross verify at any time. Use the value of constants given in the paper in solving a numerical. If the value is not mentioned, use the one you remember. Carry out all rough work only in the space given in the paper. Attempting to solve all questions in haste increases the chances of error. It is better to solve slightly fewer questions faultlessly.

While attempting questions, go on segregating them by putting some identification mark. These questions are from topics that you have prepared.

After the first exam, don’t discuss the paper with anyone. Try to understand the difference between facts and fiction. What ever you have done is good.

Tell yourself before the second paper that you are going to do this much better. Don’t take too much time on attempting a question. If some concepts are not at all known to you, immediately come out of it.

Proper planning, strong determination and self confidence can take you to your goal.

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