Computer Science Project Report (C++)

The Computer Science (C++) Project Report must contain following and in the same order as mentioned below :

  • Certificate
  • Acknowledgment
  • Overview of C++
  • Need for the Project/Synopses/Summary
  • Requirements(hardware & Software) along with instructions regarding how to install the project and use it are to be given. It should be a sort of USER MANUAL
  • Header Files (used in the Project along with the functions each file is supporting in the project.)
  • Classes & Objects( Description of user defined classes and their purpose)
  • Functions ( Description of user defined functions and their purpose)
  • Source Code(listing of all the programs prepared as part of project. )
  • Output (Dumps of all the output screens)
  • Shortcomings
  • Bibliography
Note :

  1. Index to be placed after Acknowledgment in the report but NOT to be mentioned in the index.
  2. Running project Source Code to be submitted in a CD along with relevant data files
  3. Project CD should be properly LABELED with
        1. Class : XII
        2. Section : A/B/E
        3. Year : 2007-08
        4. Class Roll No. :
        5. BOARD ROLL No. ( To be mentioned later)
        6. Project TITLE : Tutorial - Water Cycle (Example)
        7. Main Program name : (.CPP File name)

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