Learning Modalities

Today we discussed the difference between a moment and an event. Students wrote a 4 minute journal entry on one moment during the summer. Describing the main moments in an event will result in much more detailed writing.

Students received a handout on learning modalities, ways of "using sensory information to learn." They took a short survey designed to identify their own primary learning style.


Periods 1 & 2: Look over rest of learning modalities handout.

Period 3: Finish survey

Periods 1,2,3: All students must have a hardcover composition notebook by Monday.

Opening Move: Four minutes of writing on one more 'moment'. Today, however, students tried to double the amount they wrote from yesterday.

We went over the results from the survey, discussed learning behavior and strategies associated with each of the modalities. Students then filled out an 'intelligence' survey. This survey tries to pinpoint which of the eight 'intelligences' seems to best matches each person.


Go over modalities and intelligences handouts and consider what you may have learned about yourself and how you may apply this to doing better this year. Be prepared to write a letter in class on this topic. This letter will be the first major grade of the school year.

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