CBSE Announces Permanent Affiliation

CBSE/AFF/2006/543498-548897 31.5.2006
In compliance with the resolutions passed by the Affiliation Committee
of the Board in its meetings held on 16.3.2005, 20.6.2005, 11.8.2005 &
6.10.2005 and their ratification by the Governing Body of the Board in its
meetings held on 27.6.2005 & 9.12.2005, the following amendments are
made in the Affiliation Bye-Laws of the Board with immediate effect:
1.Chapter II, Clause 3 (ii) (a)
The Clause 3 (ii) (a) (3) under Chapter II will be read as follows:-
“The School/Society/Trust, or the Congregation or other Religious Body
controlling the Society/Trust managing the school must have about two acres
(or as otherwise permitted measurement) of land and a building constructed on
a part of land and proper playgrounds on the remaining land”.
Provided that the school may be graded as Category A+, Category A &
Category B School as per the following criteria:
Category A+ School- Permanently affiliated school
Category A School- Provisionally affiliated school with land of at least 2
acres or of such measurement as has been permitted
under Rule 3(ii), (b), (c ), (d) & (e)
Category B School- Provisionally affiliated school with following criterion:
a) recognized by the Education Department or whose
application has been forwarded by it.
b) does not possess land as per Category ‘A’ but has
not less than 1.5 acre of land and also satisfies the
􀂾 250 of area + 1 for every student on
the rolls (for a middle school).
􀂾 500 of area +1 for every student on
the rolls (for a Secondary school).
􀂾 750 of area +1 for every student on
the rolls (for a Senior Secondary school).
c) pays salaries as per State Govt./U.T. scales of pay.
d) satisfies all the other conditions of Affiliation Bye-
2. Chapter II, Clause (3) (ii) (f):
The existing first provisio of Clause 3 (ii) (f) of Chapter II is replaced and
will be read as follows:
“Provided further that such school will have only two sections at +2 level
preferably one for non-vocational stream and one for vocational stream with
the provision that the number of candidates shall not exceed 40 in each
3. Chapter II, Clause 3 (C ):
The Clause 3 (C) of Chapter II will be replaced and read as follows:
Permanent Affiliation
i. Schools managed directly by the Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) or
by reputed societies of PSUs under financial control of such PSUs or by
societies formed by such undertakings, and private, unaided schools
established by societies/trusts as per Affiliation Bye-laws may apply for
Permanent Affiliation.
ii. Those schools which have been granted Provisional Affiliation may be
considered for permanent affiliation after the expiry of period of
provisional affiliation of 3 years or such extension of provisional
affiliation as the case may be subject to fulfillment of all the norms and
conditions of the Affiliation Bye-Laws in force by the Board.
Provided further that preference may be given to such schools
which have been provisionally affiliated with CBSE for a period of 10
years or more and satisfying all the conditions of Affiliation Bye Laws.
Provided further also that in case of non/partial fulfillment of
conditions as mentioned in various chapters of Affiliation Bye-Laws, the
application will be summarily rejected.
iii. The school seeking permanent affiliation must also satisfy the following
(a) Infrastructure
The infrastructural facilities should be as follows:-
(i) Class rooms – minimum size should be 8 m x 6 m (approx 500
sq. ft.).
(ii) Science Labs. (Composite for Secondary or/and separate
Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Senior Secondary)– minimum
size should be 9 m.x6 m. each ( approx 600 sq. ft.) and fully
(iii) Library – minimum size should be 14 m.x8 m, fully equipped and
with reading room facility.
(iv) Computer Lab. and Math Lab. – No minimum size is prescribed,
however, the school should have separate provision for each.
(v) Rooms for extra curricular activities – either separate rooms for
music, dance, arts & sports or one multi purpose hall for all these
activities should be available.
(b) General
Besides fulfilling the other conditions, the school must satisfy the following:-
(i) All admissions and withdrawal registers are properly
(ii) The Service records of teaching and non-teaching staffs are
duly maintained and updated.
(iii) No teachers are appointed on ad-hoc basis
(iv) Teaching & non-teaching staff are appointed on prescribed
pay scales & no staff are appointed on consolidated pay. They
are also paid DA & admissible other allowances as per Central
or respective State Govt. rates.
(c ) Quality of Education
The school seeking permanent affiliation must be quality driven and must
strive for excellence in all aspect of its activities. It must satisfy the board’s
direction regarding no school bag and no homework to the students upto class
II, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in primary classes with
no pass-fail criterion and also extension of CCE gradually upto class VIII.
Provided also that the school seeking permanent affiliation must implement
the academic initiatives like Introduction of Alternative to Homework from class
III to V, Introduction of Life Skills Education for classes VI to VIII, and
maintenance of proper records of internal assessment from classes VI to X .
The average result of the school in the last three years must not be less than
the Board’s average in class X and XII examinations.
iv. Appeal against rejection
(a) The school whose application has been rejected will have the opportunity
to appeal against such rejection to the Appellate Authority after payment
of an Appeal Fee. The Appellate Authority shall consist of Chairman of
the Board and two other Members as may be nominated by the Board.
(b) The school whose request has been rejected by the Appellate Authority
also, will be eligible to apply only after two academic years, excluding the
academic year in which the application has been rejected. The fee,
including the fee for Appeal, once deposited shall not be refunded under
any circumstances.
v. Miscellaneous
(a )The Permanent Affiliation will be granted after physical inspection of the
school and satisfaction of the Board that it is meeting with all the
conditions prescribed for the same.
(b) The inspection of schools requesting Permanent Affiliation will be
conducted by a Committee consisting of three members, at least one of
which must be an academician of repute to look into the academic
(c ) It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that it is satisfying all the
conditions laid down in the Affiliation Bye-Laws duly supported with
documentary evidences in the prescribed formats. In case an application
is rejected due to non-fulfillment of all the conditions/non furnishing of
documentary evidences, the fee deposited will not be refunded even if the
school has not been inspected.
(d) The schools which are permanently affiliated will be required to remit
annual fee at an amount to be prescribed from time to time. The annual
fee will be deposited along with annual examination fee.
(e) The schools which are permanently affiliated, will observe various ‘Dos’
and ‘Don’ts’ mentioned in Chapter II Bye-Laws 3 of Affiliation Bye-laws.
All other conditions of Affiliation Bye-laws of the Board will also be
applicable ‘mutatis-mutandis’.
(f) The permanent affiliation granted to schools shall not be treated as
absolute. The Board has the right to inspect such schools as deem fit so
as to ensure that the norms/conditions laid down in the bye-laws in force
are strictly complied with.
(g) Such schools which are/would be permanently affiliated with the Board
may be permitted to introduce additional subjects as and when they like
but before introduction of additional subjects they may remit the requisite
fee and supply the necessary information with regard to infrastructure
made available in the school and staff provided for the subject under
4. Chapter III, Clause 15 (1) :
The existing Sub-Clause (1) under Clause 15 will be replaced by
following two Sub-Clauses 1(a) & 1(b):
1(a) The schools fulfilling the norms of Affiliation given in Chapter-II may
apply ‘On-line’ to the Board for approval of Middle Class
Syllabus/fresh provisional affiliation/upgradtion of Senior Secondary
Classes on the prescribed form alongwith prescribed fee given in
Appendix II before 30th June of the Year preceding the year in which
Class VII/IX/XI as the case may be is proposed to be started.
Application Forms, procedural details and Affiliation Bye-Laws for
submission of applications ‘on line’ are available on the Boards
website Applications submitted by post or by any
other means will not be processed.
All the applications which are received by CBSE on or before 30th
June every year may be processed together within a period of six
months thereof. The order of granting or refusing the affiliation shall
be communicated to the applicants on or before 31st December of that
1(b) Application for Permanent Affiliation will be submitted ‘On Line’ only.
Appeal against rejection duly supported with documentary evidences
will have to be submitted ‘by post’.
Note: Consequently Appendix VI ‘ Application form for approval of
Middle Class Syllabus/Provisional Affiliation/Upgradation to+2
stage’ is deleted from ‘contents’ as well as from page 69 of
Affiliation Bye-Laws. And, existing Appendix VII ‘Certificate of
Land’ is renumbered as Appendix VI.
5. CHAPTER V, Clause 18
The following Sub-Clauses are added after Sub-Clause 2 of Clause 18:
(3) Proceedings for withdrawal of Permanent Affiliation may be initiated
against such permanently affiliated schools which are found guilty of
the irregularities mentioned in Clause 17 of Chapter II, or of nonobservance
of other applicable conditions.
(4) The procedure etc. for withdrawal of Permanent Affiliation will be
same as that mentioned in Clause 17.
(5) Once Permanent Affiliation granted to a school is withdrawn by the
Board the school will not be eligible for re-affiliation for atleast 2
academic years including the year in which it was withdrawn.
6. Appendix II
The following paras will be added below existing para C.
D Fee for Permanent Affiliation
1. Independent schools - Rs. 50,000/-
within country
2. Overseas independent - Rs. 1,00,000/-
E Appeal fee for Permanent Affiliation
1. Independent schools - Rs. 25,000/-
within country.
2. Overseas independent – Rs. 50,000/-
1. The Commissioner, Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, 18-Institutional Area,
Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, New Delhi-110016.
2. The Commissioner, Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti, A-28, Kailash Colony,
New Delhi.
3. The Director, Central Tibetan School Administration, Ess Ess Plaza,
Community Centre, Sector-3, Rohini-85
4. The Directorate of Education, Delhi, Chandigarh, Arunachal Pradesh,
Sikkim, Port Blair
5. All HODs/EO to CM
6. The Joint Secretary (A&L), CBSE, Preet Vihar, Delhi.
7. All Regional Offices of CBSE at Chandigarh, Ajmer, Allahabad, Chennai,
Guwahati and Delhi
8. All Heads of Schools affiliated with the CBSE
9. The System Analyst, CBSE, Delhi.
10. The PRO, CBSE, Delhi
11. The Dy. Secretary (Co-ordination), CBSE, Delhi.
12. Guard file

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