BITSAT 2010 Cutoff

The BITSAT 2008 exams have already begun from 9th May and will continue upto 12th June.

Check out BITSAT 2007 cut-off scores for various subjects below :

Degree programme at Pilani Campus Cut-off BITSAT-2007 score
B.E.(Hons.): Chemical 310
B.E.(Hons.): Civil 301
B.E.(Hons.): Electrical & Electronics 346
B.E.(Hons.): Mechanical 328
B.Pharm.(Hons.) 260
B.E.(Hons.): Computer Science 357
B.E.(Hons.): Electronics & Instrumentation 337
M.Sc.(Hons.): Biological Sciences 274
M.Sc.(Hons.): Chemistry 286
M.Sc.(Hons.): Economics 293
M.Sc.(Hons.): Mathematics 293
M.Sc.(Hons.): Physics 295
M.Sc.(Tech.): General Studies 288
M.Sc.(Tech.): Engineering Technology 292
M.Sc.(Tech.): Finance 281
M.Sc.(Tech.): Information Systems 299

Degree programme at Goa Campus cut-off BITSAT-2007 score
B.E.(Hons.): Chemical 296
B.E.(Hons.): Electrical and Electronics 322
B.E.(Hons.): Mechanical 305
B.E.(Hons.): Computer Science 327
B.E.(Hons.): Electronics & Instrumentation 314
M.Sc.(Hons.): Biological Sciences 271
M.Sc.(Hons.): Chemistry 278
M.Sc.(Hons.): Economics 278
M.Sc.(Hons.): Mathematics 282
M.Sc.(Hons.): Physics 286
M.Sc.(Tech.): Information Systems 286

As the BITSAT 2008 exams have just begun , it will take me some time to gather data to comment on the expected cut-off scores for BITSAT 2008, but as BITS Hyderabad is starting this year, the overall cutoff for BITSAT 2008 will definitely fall.

If you have already given the exam, then post a comment regarding the difficulty.

You can check out other details regarding BITSAT 2008 exam.

As you can see from various comments the level of difficulty this year has been a bit on the higher side but as seats are increasing in quite a lot of institutions the cutoffs are likely to remain same or drop down depending on seat increase.

So to know what you can get just look at the previous year cutoffs posted here and get an idea on what you can expect. I expect the branch cutoffs to go down by about 5 marks than those mentioned above.

Also about the Hyderabad Campus, its cutoffs will of course be lower, individual branch cutoffs marks are hard to predict but I would say something around 255-260 should be the overall cutoff for the Hyderabad Campus.


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