AIEEE 2010 Counseling

The first phase of AIEEE 2008 Counseling ie. the Online counseling will start from tomorrow. So let me first discuss a few details about it.

The online counseling is a kind of mock counseling held on the Internet where students can register themselves and then fill out there preferences of institutes/branches. You can see then how many students are above your rank for a branch/institute. This counseling is held to give the students a rough idea on what they can expect but only a few students register for it and hence you do not get a clear picture.

The choices in Form-1 that you make during the online counseling are recorded by them and are presented to you when you go for on-campus counseling, although you can change them during the on-campus counseling.

Many if you would not be knowing about Form-1 and Form 2, so let me tell more about them. Form-1 is a branch+institution form. In this form you have to choose your preferences according to branch and institution simultaneously, pretty much similar to what you do in JEE counseling. So for eg. your first preference would be CSE in IIIT Hyderabad, CSE in NIT Trichy, CSE in NIT Warangal , ECE in IIIT Hyderabad etc.

Form-2 is an institution only selection form. This form comes into the action after Form-1 processing has taken place and you have not got any branch+institution that you had mentioned in your Form-1. So if you filled Form-2 then if there is any vacant seat(dropout seat) in any of the institutions selected by you in Form-2, then you would get that institution. After that you will be required to go to that institute and they would allocate you the branch based upon vacant seat and your rank.

There would also be a second counseling against dropout seats from first counseling. Although, some institutes have opted not to take part in the second counseling, you can check them out here. Some of these institutes, if they have a few dropout seats, then they sometimes conduct separate independent counselings in August, for which you have to keep your eye on the newspapers!!

Now coming to the big question : Whether to fill Form-1 or Form-2 or both?

This is the tough question that most of the middle rankers are faced with when attending the counseling. Although there isn’t an answer to this question in general as it depends on situation to situation, I will list out a few which most of you are in. I will be assuming that your ranks/marks in other exams must be proportional to your AIEEE rank.

If you get a good rank in AIEEE ie. less than 10k then you are almost certain to get into a NIT. Now if you have strict branch preferences then fill up the Form-1 with the branch/branches you would definitely take up in an institute better than any other institute like BITS etc. that you might get through other counselings. If you do not have strict branch preferences then fill up both Form-1 and Form-2.

If you get a rank between 10-20k then it becomes a tricky situation. You will not get top branches in NITs etc with this rank unless except for 50% state quota , so you can fill up Form-1 with all the good branches in good colleges. Form- 2 is a great weapon as you can land up in a good college if you are lucky. So it is very important to fill up Form-1 with only only those choices that you are willing to take up readily.

For ranks below 20k, it is tough to get something good with Form-1, although if you do not want to take chances then fill it up along with Form-2. Only filling up Form-2 is also a good option as already discussed above.

CAUTION : Filling up ONLY Form-2 is a gamble that you should take only if you are bound to get a seat in a good college elsewhere.

Commenting on the removal of fixed number of seats for each state in a NIT, I would say it is a fair decision and had to made one day. Along with opening on new IITs,BITS Hyderabad this will have a big impact on other colleges that hold separate counselings like PEC, Thapar, Jaypee and also IP University. The cutoffs of these colleges will fall almost certainly.

Also some of you had asked about the internal sliding of branches, then yes it does happen and is done by the institute itself.

I think, I have covered a fair bit about AIEEE 2008 counseling, although you can have a look at the detailed procedure here. The seat matrix can also be checked out here. Also check out previous cutoffs for various colleges here.

I would advise you all to wait for the on-campus counseling to see what you can get rather than posting a comment as I am really busy these days, so I won’t be able to process all the comments, I am extremely sorry for that :(


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