AIEEE 2007 Quarter Test Paper

by Mr. Arun Kulshrestha

Ques 1 -12 [1.5 marks] / Ques 13-25 [3 marks] / Ques 26-40 x 4.5 marks
-ve marks are one third
Test duration 2 hour

1.Which of the following compounds can exhibit tautomerism?





2.Tautomerism is not exhibited by:
(1) C6H5-CH=CH-OH (2)



3.Which will show tautomerism:




4.Tautomerism is exhibited by
(1) (CH3)3CNO (2) (CH3)2NH
(3) R3CNO2 (4) RCH2NO2

5.Total possible structural isomers(not stereo) of C4H6 are:
(1) 4 (2) 6
(3) 9 (4) 12

6.Increasing order of expected enol content


7.Increasing order of expected keto content


8. Hydrogenation of the above compound in the presence of posioned palladium catalyst gives:

[1] an optically active compound
[2] an optically inactive compound
[3] a reacemic mixture
[4] a diastereomeric mixture

9.Which of the following is an example of substitution reaction:



[4] None of the above

10.List the following alkoxide nucleophile in decreasing order of their SN2 reactivity:
(a) Me3CO- (b) MeO-
(c) MeCH2O- (d) Me2CHo-

[1] b>c>e>d>a
[2] e>c>b>a>d
[3] a>e>b>c>d
[4] c>e>a>b>c

11.Which will not undergo substitution bySN1:




12.Identify the set of reagents/reaction conditions 'X' and 'Y' in the following set of transformations:

(2) X=conc.alcoholic NaOH,80oC,Y=HBr,CH3COOH,20oC
(4) X=conc.alc.NaOH,80oC,Y=Br2,CHCl3,0oC

13. The nodal plane in the-bond of ethene is lacated in:

(1) The Molecular

(2) A plane parallel to the molecular plane

(3) a plane perpendicular to the molecular plane which bisects the carbon-carbon sigma bond at right angle.

(4) a plane perpendicular to the molecular plane which contains the carbon-carbon sigma bond.

14. (CH3)4+N is neither an electrophile or a nucleophile because it:

(1) Does not have electron pair for donation as well as cannot attract electron pair

(2) Neither has electron pair available for donation nor can accommodateelectron since all shell of N are fully occupied.

(3) Can act as Lewis acid or base.

(4) none of these

15. In the dehydration reaction:

the hybridization state of carbon changes from:

[1] sp3 to sp2 [2] sp to sp
[3] sp2 to sp [4] sp to sp3

16. A compound X (C5H8) reacts with ammoniacal AgNO3 to give a white precipitate,and on oxidation with hot alkaline KMnO4 gives the acid,(CH3)2CHCOOH.Therefore,X is:


(2) CH3(CH2)2C CH

(3) (CH3)2 CH-C CH

(4) (CH3)2C=C=CH2

17.What is the decreasing order of the strength of the bases OH-,NH2-,H-C C- and CH3CH2-?

(1)CH3-CH2-> NH2-> H-C C-> OH-

(2)H-C C-> CH3-CH2-> NH2-> OH-

(3)OH-> NH2-> HC C-> CH3-CH2-

(4)NH2-> H-C C-> OH-> CH3-CH2-

18.Water can be added across a triple bond in the presence of :
(1) acidic medium (2) alkaline medium
(3) neutral medium (4) acid and HgSO4

19. Among the following,the compound that can be most readily sulphonated is:
(1) benzene (2) nitrobenzene
(3) toluene (4) chlorobenzene

20.Which of the following reagents cannot be used as the basis for a simple chemical test for distinbuishing but-1-ene from CH3CH2CH2CH2OH?

(1) Br2/CCl4
(2) Dilute aqueous KMnO4
(3) CrO3/aqueous H2SO4
(4) Na in liquid NH3

21. Benzyl chloride (C6H5CH2Cl)can be prepared from toluene by chlorination with:
(1) SO2Cl2 (2) SOCl2
(3) Cl2 (4) NaOCl

22.Which of the following reactions are not expected to give

in yields of more than 50%?




[4] None of these

23. Which of the following will give trans-diols





24. The final in the following sequence of reaction is:

(a) CH2=CH-CH=CH2

(b) HC C-CH3

(c) CH2=CH-CH3

(d) CH-CH2-CH3

25. Which of the following orders regarding the acidity of aromatic acids is correct?

(1) p-nitrobenzoic acid <>p-anthranilic acid

(2) p-nitrobenzoic acid > benzoic acid > p-anthranilic acid

(3) p-nitrobenzoic acid > benzoic acid < p-anthranilic acid

(4) p-nitrobenzoic acid <> p-anthranilic acid

26.Which of the following are correct?










28.The following reaction is called

(1) Michael addition reaction
(2) Diels-Alcr reaction
(3) Wolff-Kishner reaction
(4) None of above

29. Nitrobenzene can be prepared from benzene by using a mixture of concentrated HNO3 and concentrated H2SO4.In the nitrating mixture,HNO3 acts as:
[1] base [2] acid
[3] reducing agent [4] catalyst

30.Which of the following structures will not have 4electrons?





(1) I (2) II
(3) III (4) IV

31. The most strained cycloalkane is:
(1) Cyclopropane (2) Cyclobutane
(3) Cyclopentane (4) Cyclohexane

32.Among the following statements on the nitration of aromatic compounds,the false one is:

[1]The rate of nitration of benzene is almost the same as that of hexadeuterobenzene

[2]The rate of nitration of toluene is greater than that of benzene

[3]The rate of nitration of benzene is greater than that of hexadeuterobenzene

[4]Nitration is an electrophilic substitution reaction.

33.Which of the following conpounds will exhibit geometrical isomerism?

[1] But-1-ene

[2] Oxime of benzaldehyde

[3] Oxime of acetone

[4] Both (b) and (c)

34. The halogen which is more reactive in the halogenation of alkanes in sunlight is:
(1) Chlorine (2) Bromine
(3) Iodine (4) All are equal

35.The reduction of an alkyne to alkane using lithium metal in liquid ammonia as solvent results into:

[1] cis addition of hydrogen atoms

[2] trans addition of hydrogen atoms

[3] Both cis and trans additions of hydrogen atoms.The relative amount of the two depends on temperature.

[4] Both cis and trans additions of hydrogen atoms.The relative amount depend on the nature of alkyne.

36.Which cycloalkane has the lowest heat of combustion per CH2 group?




37.Which of the following will give three mono-bromo derivatives?


[2] CH3CH2C(CH3)2CH3

[3] CH3CH(CH3)CH(CH3)CH3

[4] All can give

38.The addition of HBr to an alkene in the presence of peroxide is the example of:

[1] electrophilic addition reaction

[2] nucleophilic addition reaction

[3] free radical addition reaction

[4] the formation of carbonation as an intermediate

39.The major product obtained in the reaction

is expected to be :




40.The treatment of with NalO4 or boiling KMnO4 produces:




[4]CH3COCH3 only

41.What are the products obtained by ozonolysis of RCH=CR1R2
[1] R1CH2CH2R2 [2] R2CO
[3] R1COR2 [4] none of these

42.Which of the following compounds do not exhibit geometrical isomerism?




43. Choose the compound which is not a nucleophile:
[1] :OH- [2] :CN-
[3] :C-CR [4] :CCl2

44. Which of the following order regarding the acidity of aromatic acids is correct?

(1) benzoic acid< p-toluic acid< p- hydroxybenzoic acid

(2) benzoic acid> p-toluic acid> p- hydroxybenzoic acid

(3) benzoic acid> p-toluic acid< p- hydroxybenzoic acid

(4) benzoic acid<> p- hydroxybenzoic acid

45. The treatment of benzene with benzoyl chloride in the presence of AlCl3 gives:
(1) benzaldehyde (2) benzophenone
(3) diphenyl (4) cyclohexane

46.The conversation

can be effected using:

[1] Br2/CCl4 [2] Br2/H2O
[3] Br2/Fe [4] Br/benzoyl peroxide

47.Methane is obtained when:

[1] sodium propionate is heated with sodalime

[2] idomethane is reduced

[3] magnesium carbide reacts with water

[4] potassium acetate is electrolysed

48.1,2-dimethylcyclopentane can be represented as I,II and III.

49.Which of the following are cumulative dienes?




[4]None of these

50.Which of the following is Wurtz-Fittig reaction ?





51.Orbital angular momentum of an electron in 2s orbital is -

[2] zero


52.A Mo atom in its ground state has a 4d5 5s1 and a Ag atom 4d10 5s1 configuration.This is because a shell which is half filled or completely filled is particularly:

[1] strongly exchange destabilised

[2] weakly exchange stabilised

[3] weakly exchange destabilised

[4] strongly exchange stabilised

53.An f-shell containing 6 unpaired electron have no. of exchange
[1] 6 [2] 9
[3] 12 [4] 15

54. Choose the arrangement which show the increasing value of e/m for e,p,n and particle:
[1] n< [2] e
[3] n [4] p

55.In which of the following orbital probability of finding electron in XY plane will be zero
[1] pz [2] dyz
[3] dzx [4] px

56.After np6 electronic configuration,the next orbital filled will be:
[1] (n+1)d [2] (n+1)s
[3] (n+1)f [4] none of the above

57.Which of the following transitions are not allowed in the normal electronic emission spectrum of an atom?
[1] 2s Is [2] 2p Is
[3] 3d 4p [4] 5p 3s

58.The de Broglie wavelength relates to applied voltage as :



[4] both (b) and (c)

59. The line spectra of two elements are not identical because:

[1] The elements do not have the same number of neutrons

[2] They have different mass numbers

[3] Their outermost electrons are different energy levels

[4] all of the above

60.Four different sets of quantum numbers for 4 electrons are given below:

e1 = 4,0,0- ,e2 = 3,1,1,-

e3 = 3,2,2+ ,e4 = 3,0,0,+

The order of energy of e1,e2,e3 and e4 is:
[1] e1>e2>e3>e4 [2] e4>e3>e2>e1
[3] e3>e1>e2>e4 [4] e2>e3>e4>e1

61.In the following transition, which is correct

[1] E3-1=E3-2-E2-1 [2]

[3] U3=U2+U1 [4] All of the above

62.Which orbital is represented by wave function 310?
[1] 3d [2] 3p
[3] 3s [4] Data is insufficient

63.The set of quantum numbers for 19th electron of chromium (Z=24) is:
[1] 4,0,0,+ [2] 4,1,-1,+
[3] 3,2,2,+ [4] 3,2,-2.+

64.When principal quantum number n increases then the difference between two adjacent energy levels

[1] Remain constant

[2] Increases in Hydrogen atom will

[3] Increases and decreases both

[4] Decreases

65.For the atomic radius of the order of 10-8 cm and nuclear radius of the order of 10-13 cm.The fraction of atom occupied by the nucleus will be:

[1]10-13 x atomic volume

[2]10-14 x atomic volume

[3]10-15 x atomic volume

[4]10-16 x atomic volume

66.For a particular value of azimuthal quantum number the total number of magnetic quantum number value are given by

[1] l= [2] l=
[3] l= [4] l=

67.Which of the following have minimum Debroglie wave length
[1] Electron [2] SO2
[3] CO2 [4] Proton

68.In the ground state of Cu2-,the number of shells occupied ,subshells occupied,filled orbitals and unpaired electrons respectively are:
[1] 4,8,15,0 [2] 3,6,15,1
[3] 3,6,14,1 [4] 4,7,14,1

69.Which one of the following will not form amphoteric oxide?
[1] Al [2] Pb
[3] Sn [4] Ba

70.Which of the following electronic configuration is correct for outer most orbit of Alkali metal
[1] (n-1)s2,p2,ns2p1 [2] (n-1)s2p2d10,ns1
[3] (n-1)s2 p6,ns1 [4] ns2p6d1

71.Correct order of Electronegativity is-
[1] O+>O>O- [2] O>O+>O-
[3] O+>O->O [4] O->O>O+

72. The chloride of an element A given neutral solution in Water.The element A belongs to the group-
[1] First Group [2] Third Group
[3] Fifth Group [4] First Transition Series

73.Correct order of b.p. is-





74.Which of the following have maximum difference in radius
[1] Cr,Mn [2] Co,Ni
[3] K,Ca [4] Mn,Fe

75.Which of the following has maximum density-
[1] Pb [2] Hg
[3] Ir [4] Os

76.Which one is most stable:-
[1] H [2] H+
[3] H2+ [4] H-

77.Which one is strongest reducing ion?
[1] F- [2] Cl-
[3] Br- [4] I-

78.Hydration energy of Mg2+ is greater than the Hydration energy of
[1] Be2+ [2] Na+
[3] Al3+ [4] Cr3+

79.Which of the following has maximum non metallic Character?
[1] Be [2] B
[3] Mg [4] Al

80.The correct order of increasing electronegativity is?
[1] P [2] Cl
[3] Bi [4] S

81.Which concept best explains the fact the o-nitrophenol is more volatile than p-nitrophenol?
[1] Resonance [2] Hyperconjugation
[3] Hydrogen bonding [4] Setric hindrance

82.Bond order of NOmolecule is :-
[1] 1 [2] 2
[3] 3 [4] 2.5

83.Sugar solution in water have
[1] Free molecules [2] Free atoms
[3] Free Ions [4] (a) and (b) both

84.Which one of the following has positive dipole Moment?
[1] CCl4 [2] C6H6
[3] BF3 [4] HF

85. In [Cu(NH3)4]SO4,Hybridization of Cu is:-
[1] dsp2 [2] sp3d2
[3] sp2 [4] sp3

86.In CH3COCl,the orbital used for bond formation by the carbon which is surrounded,is
[1] sp [2] sp2
[3] sp3 [4] sp3d

87.Hydrogen bond is not present in-
[1] Glycerine [2] water
[3] H2S [4] HF

88.Which of the following has pyramidal shape?
[1] NO3- [2] H2O
[3] H3O+ [4] NH4+

89.Resonance hybrid of Nitrate ion is :-




90.Electronic formula of COCl2 is :-



[4] None of these

91.Which of the following species contain covalent and co-ordinate bonds?
[1] N2H5+ [2] BaCl2
[3] H2O [4] HCl

92.Which one has maximum boiling point :-
[1] Acetone [2] Diethyl Ether
[3] Chloroform [4] Ethyl Alcohol

93.Correct decreasing order of Bond Angle in following Hydrides is :-

[1] NH3>PH3>AsH3>SbH3




94.Which have unpaired electron in KO2,AlO2-,BaO2 and NO2+
[1] KO2 and AlO2- [2] NO2+ and BaO2
[3] Only BaO2 [4] Only KO2

95.N2 is less reactive than CN- due to

[1] More electron in orbitals

[2] difference in spin quantum number

[3] Absence of dipole moment

[4] None of these

96. Which one has maximum melting point :-
[1] Alkali metal [2] Alkaline earth metal
[3] Transition metals [4] All have equal

97.In the following which one is Lewis Acid:-
[1] BF3 [2] NH3
[3] H2O [4] R-O-R

98.Increasing order of bond strength in O2,O2-O22- and O2+ is -

[1] O2+<>2<>2-<>22-




99.Which of the following molecules has maximum C-C atomic distance :-
[1] C2H6 [2] C2H4
[3] C2H2 [4] C6H6

100.Which one of the following is soluble in water?
[1] CCl4 [2] CS2
[3] CHCl3 [4] C2H5OH


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