Must Dos for students: For improved concentration, motivation, work blocks

v Know your concentration span, study with breaks.

v Work out best time for concentration.

v Group study for difficult subjects.

v Do not let previous results discourage you – identify your weak areas from previous exams. And work on them.

v Time management plan must be made for all subjects.

v Choose a study place with minimum distractions and autosuggest to your self about your resolution.

v Try to coincide study time with the time, you would be giving an exam.

v In case of average achievers, master what you know and are comfortable with.

v For low achievers, master the essential information first.

v Prioritize the workload. Give your best concentration time to the toughest subject.

v Repeat your learnt work so the recall in exam is easy. Work not repeated or revised is easily forgotten.

v Try to plan your revision time by drawing up a timetable. Build in time for the things you enjoy – like watching you favorite TV programme, going out with your friends, or going to play football in the park.

v Give yourself a few treats – pamper yourself with a long hot bath, or listen to your favorite CD for an hour after you have finished your revision.

v Relax with what you know before entering the exam hall.

v Do not get anxious about the result – cross that bridge when you come to it…options await.


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