CBSE Papers : Teacher Training Programmes

| July 23, 2008

The importance of a good teacher is enormous in a country like India. They play a vital role in the overall development of the students. The importance of teachers is especially enormous in the tender aged students.
The principles of quality apply to teaching as much as they do to anything else. To make something better is to improve its quality. To become a better teacher is to improve your quality as a teacher. Applying the principles of quality results in improved quality. It is as simple as that.

Before the mechanics of teaching, before the actions, comes the attitude. The quality attitude. This is the First Major Principle of quality: Quality is an Attitude. Wanting to be a better teacher is certainly part of that attitude. But wanting something to be better doesn’t make it better, so there is more to this principle. After all, a principle isn’t much of a principle if it doesn’t lead to results.

The actual principle is deeper than desire, even deeper than determination. The quality attitude is very simple, but uncompromising. It is that better is a good direction to go in. It is that staying the same or getting worse are not good directions to go in. Better is where you want to go. Not better is not where you want to go.

If that sounds too simple, take a look around. Many people don’t have this attitude. They are staying the same, or getting worse. And they don’t seem to mind. At least, not enough to do anything about it. They don’t have a quality attitude.

Better is a good direction to go in. This one principle, all by itself, will empower a person. It will give a person strength in the face of obstacles or opposition. It will be a rock to build on. If you can agree with this one principle, really agree, and use it, you will be a better teacher. As I said above, it is not enough to want to be a better teacher. It is necessary to know that being a better teacher is a good direction to go in.

This is only the First of the three Major Principles of Quality, but try it on for size. The next time you have to decide whether to do something the same way or a better way, see if it helps. Like a lesson plan. The way you have been doing lesson plans is comfortable and familiar. Ask yourself if there is a better way. Don’t expect an answer, by the way. Just ask the question. That’s a quality attitude. The answers come from the rest of the principles of quality, and various quality actions. But they all mean nothing without this first Major Principle.

Therefore training the teachers adequately is very important and over the years various institutes providing teacher’s training courses have come up in different parts of the country. The primary teachers and secondary teachers need to take up different teacher’s training courses as the needs of the primary students and the secondary students are different. Thus there are different teacher’s training institutes that offer Diploma in Education (D.E.d), Primary teachers training (PTT), Basic training certificate (BTC) junior basic training (JBT), Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) and other teacher’s training courses.

* Elementary Teacher Educataion

* Basic Teacher Certificate

* Diploma in Education

* Junior Basic Training

* Primary Teachers Training

* Junior Teacher’s Training Certificate

* Physical Teacher Training

* B.Ed Course

* Master Of Education


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