Jokes: More Revolting Racial and Ethnic Jokes I

What did the Mexican man and the Polish girl call their baby?



What's difference between Scotch tape and Mexican tape?

Mexican tape doesn't have a sticky side.


What is the name of Puerto Rican version of "Roots?"



Why wasn't Christ born in Puerto Rico?

They couldn't find three wise men and a virgin.


Why are there so few blacks in Alaska?

Because the growing season is too short for watermelon.


How can you stop blacks from jumping up and down on the bed?

Put Velco on the ceiling.


How do you keep five black guys from raping a white woman?

Throw them a basketball.


A moment or two after a highway accident, an old Jewish man came up to a woman lying by the roadside. " Have the police come yet?" The man asked.
"No," the woman moaned.
"Has the ambulance been here yet?"
"No," the injured woman repeated.
"How about the insurance company?"
"Listen" the Jewish man said, bending down. "Do you mind if I lay down next to you?"

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