How to tackle CBSE class XII mathematics exam

Hey people!

I have seen that a lot of you recently came here looking for HINTS AND TIPS on how to tackle the CBSE Class XII mathematics paper, so here it goes:

1. Try to finish all your study a day before the paper (by study I mean - all the theory you want)

2. DO THE CBSE SAMPLE PAPERS (VVVV important - the question paper is set in a similar fashion

3. On the last day - do as many examples from whatever book you have, as you can. NOTE: Most books have a special notation for questions that they have taken from the NCERT - do those particularly.

4. This should prepare you well for the exam ->

On the exam day <>

1. Take a shower, no matter how late you get up - or even if you didn't sleep at all --- a shower revitalizes your mind (use a menthol shampoo - if you have one).

2. Study on the way to the EXAM center - even if you are well prepared - just read some examples while you are on the move - this keeps the mind active - and it does not have to boot up in the class room. (you don;t miss out on any new ideas)

3. During the 15 minutes reading period : Look through the first few pages - and try to visualize the solutions in mind (be quick - don't start solving it -- just see the solution steps)
- This would help you glide through the first two pages of the Question paper - and a GOOD start is all you need!

4. Even if you don't know a question and feel as if you can get some help from your friends or can give some help to a needful -- DO NOT. I made the same mistake - it is stupid to do so in the middle of the exam - because you waste time looking for an oopurtunity to peep and poke!
Instead - finish all you can first. And then I am sure there'll be time for you to ask your peers or to dawn the mantle of Mother Teresa!

5. Keep your chin up - there are no IIT level questions here - YOU CAN solve all of them (i.e. if you have read something on the topic) . . .

6. Do them all - even if partially - because you get points to attempt the QUESTIONS -- but DO not annoy the checker - by writing stupid stuff (even stupid answers - like trying to integrate when asked to differentiate - if that happens often - it is bad for you)... just do whatever you can.

7. Think from the perspective of the CHECKER - make life easy for her/him :
Draw margins - leave ample space after each answer - underline the answer - and the important steps --- YOu make it easy for her - she'll make it easier for you ;)


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