CBSE Std XII Results for 2007-2008

We have now, a better idea of the typical salaries paid to teachers. (Based on informal communication with several ex-teachers. Teachers holding EP (Employment Pass) were not approached for this survey).

What we find:

The seniority of the teacher (number of years of experience) makes some difference within each band, but salary generally fits into certain bands or ranges based on the level taught, i.e., KG / Primary / Secondary.

Monthly Salary Ranges (includes employee's CPF)
KG Teachers: ranges from $1250 to $1450. Typical figure is: $1300
Primary Teachers: ranges from $1500 to $1700
Secondary Teachers: ranges from $1600 to $1900, rarely touching $2000
Std XI, XII Teachers: ranges from $1800 to $2200, rarely touching $2500

Variable Pay: Additional to above, is variable pay = 20% of monthly salary.
20% of monthly pay is deducted as Variable Pay.
[Thanks to the ex-teacher, comment #3, for pointing it out the -20% and included CPF contribution]

[It is rumoured that a $50 pm salary raise was given to all teachers recently. If it is correct, it is only a 2 to 4% salary raise. These percentages are nowhere near the employee-related cost rises claimed by Kaustubh Bodhankar's high-handed fee hike announcement. -Ed.]

Dear Parents: How can we expect the school to recruit good teachers, or retain the better ones, if we pay only that much ?

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