AIEEE 2010 Results

Without any prior notifications, CBSE has suddenly released the results for the All India Engineering Entrance Exam (AIEEE) 2008, four days before the expected date, that is 7th June, 2008. Even by the CBSE standards one would anticipate that the result would be put up on the official website for the exam, however the results are available ONLY on the CBSE result website.

My rank in AIEEE was 5499 and I have scored 184 marks in the exam. My state rank (for Delhi) is 613.

Going by the results, astonishingly about 3.5 lakh students have scored negative marks which is very shameful. 9.5 lakh students sat for the AIEEE 2008, so even scoring a rank under 30,000 means that you are from the top 3% of the science scholars of a huge country like India that feeds on education.

Detailed analysis of the results and rankwise prediction of the college selection would be posted soon


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