online cat entrance exams preparation

online cat entrance exams preparation

Great news for the student who want are preparing for cat entrance exams

Mumbai: the cat entrance exams or common admission test will just few clicks away. The Indian institute of management (IIM) has decided and declared that the cat or common admission test will be conducted online from the next year 2007. It’s a great change and it will be more comfortable especially for those students who are of internet age.

Now Students will be able to give their exams same day as exams will be held online. Students can be provided different papers but almost same difficult and same pattern questions. This online model for cat exams will be like graduate management aptitude test (GMAT) and Graduate Record examination (GRE).

Numbers of students are increasing day by day who appears for CAT, it will be and ease for both students and examiners to handle huge no of students for that exam. The projected no of students for the year 2009 can cross the limit of 3lack.

Exams will be checked by a private outsourced service provider. But Indian institute of management will retain the full right of cat exams. And is a great idea and all the students will definitely welcome the idea as well.

These exams will be held under great security and the only problem that can be faced would be connectivity and hacking. In all the examination centers where cat will be held, the seal will be broken only in the presence of IIM professor.

Now the students only have to thinks over these point:

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