NIIT after 12th Class CBSE Results

NIIT after 12th Class CBSE Results

What after 12th compartment results, NIIt can be the right choice

Something about NIIT

NIIT stands for National Institute of Information Technology. Niit has many branches in all over the India. You can take admission in any niit center.

Eligibility Criteria: - There is no eligibility criteria for computer coerce even if you are a child you can join NIIT. NIIT offer several courses and according to your age and you can join course, Like NIIT SWIFT, Futurz Classic, Mis, MSCIT, Computer In management and many more.
Niit has launched many other courses from this year. You can join NIIT Course as per your choice and interest.

NIIT courses

DIT – Dit stands for Diploma in computers. It is one year course. The fees of the entire DIT Course is about 35000/ approximate. But if you want any concession you can give several scholarship tests. You can get scholarship up to 100% depends upon your knowledge and mind skin. I have also done NIIT and got a scholarship of 75% on my one years fees.

DNIIT- Dniit is two years course of niit. You will learn Java, HTML, SQL/Oracle,MIS, .NET, ASP.NE, C++, JSP Advance java, computer basics and any other course which niit implements as per market requirement. But you have to pay course up gradation fees. Dniit fees is 90,000/- approximate.

GNIIT- It is Three years course. There is not huge difference between DNIIT and GNIIT. After Dniit you will get placement but after Gniit you will be placed as trainee and after taking experience for one year. You can again go for new placement based on you experience and professional knowledge. GNiit Fees is about 1,20,000/-.

NIIT Scholarship

Niit Announce Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarship every year in the month on 11th september. You can visit any of the near niit branch and ask about niit courses and Scholarship. It also announce half yearly scholarship tests. Scholarship exams normally based on English, Reasoning and Mathematics general questions . You can score up to 100%.

NIIT Exams

Niit has 4 semester in whole DNIIT course and there are 2 exams in each semester. it means 8 exams in whole 2 years course. You have to obtain minimum 50% marks to pass the exams. If you want to be placed in IT Company you have to score 75% and above in aggregate marks.

Job Companies

NIIT has contacts with many big IT companies, Banks and other management and mis based companies like Satyam Computers, Vipro, Microsofts, NDPL, BSES, CITI financial, Bank Of Punjab, Centurion Bank, HDFC, ICICI Bank, Reliance Industries, IBM and many other big companies. You have the guts to find take the job in these companies. NIIT just shows you the way and tell you who to prepare, but you have to pass the interview with your confidence and knowledge.

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