CBSE Sample Papers class XII English 2008 2

Sample Paper – 2008
Class - XII
Subject - English

Time-3 hours M.M. 100


A.1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: 12 Marks
Egotism is the most common fault of mankind. Product of the perfectly natural desire to display oneself, egotism, which is an exaggerated form of self- display, can take such a variety of shapes that it is not always easy to discern. Beyond any shadow of doubt, however, it is a personal defect that ought to be constantly hunted down and scotched, for it impairs the personality, and frustrates all efforts at self-improvement.
This is the easily recognizable form of egotism that is evidenced in the person who continually talks of his own affairs. You must all have met the kind of man who is never happy save when recounting his exploits and experiences in life; and whatever subject be may begin discussing you feel quite sure that he will sooner or later arrive at himself. Although such a blatant kind of egotism is apparent to the onlooker, it may not be so easy for the egotist himself to recognize his fault. But if he can put on his guard — and it behaves each one of us to examine carefully whether we are entirely immune from this canker — there is always hope of a cure. On the other hand, there is a type, not uncommon, which evidences its egotism by affecting a humility that is certainly not felt, and ostentatiously avoiding the use of the pronoun “I” in speech and in writing. Such affectation is an infallible sign of egotism, and it is al the more reprehensible because it is deliberately assumed by the person.
Next we come to the Individual who holds strong opinions and insists on forcing these opinions on the others. He constantly lays down the law, he knows and he jolly well insists that you shall accept his viewpoints. Here again, there is not a great difficulty in recognizing the egotistical aspect of this conduct, although it is not so easy to remove such a defect, for a person of this kind is generally possessed of a fiery temper — but again, It can be done, and recognition of the defect is the first step towards its cure.
There are two other well-known types of egotists — the over-precise person and the officious one. The former offends by his meticulous habits, his insistence on having everything just right — just right generally connoting the way he personally wants them to be. The officious Individual succeeds in making himself most disliked because of his detestable habit of always showing or telling other people how to do things. He will glibly appeal to duty; he will continually find fault with another’s way of doing things, and point out the immense superiority of his method. In his own eyes, he is always right. (Around 450 words)


i. Explain egotism. 2 marks

ii. What is an infallible sign of egotism? 2 marks

iii. What are the symptoms of an egotistical person? 3 marks

A1.2 give the synonym of following word from the text 3marks

1. except

2. problem

3. continual

A 1. 3 Explain the following phrases in your own words 2 Marks

1. infallible sign of egotism

2. Frustrates all efforts at self-improvement.

A2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow: 8 Marks
Real praise, the sincere compliment is probably the most useful social tool of all its the valued gold coin of our conversation. Yet today, it is in danger of losing its brightness. For it is greatly misused and not properly exchanged.
What is a true compliment? Its one that benefits both giver and receiver. Once a painter and his young assistant were painting our house. The older man was wearing shiny new shoes. As the man started skillfully painting, my father-in-law, said to the boy, "Son, when you can show up on the job to paint-a house, wearing new shoes, you will be the master of your trade." The painter smiled and did the best job.
We all like to have our sense of personal worth built up or pointed out. And when one expensive adds to another's sense of dignity and speaks favorably of his skill, he is offering a compliment of the highest sad rarest kind.
A compliment differs from flattery in that it is objective and given without thought of gain. Flattery is often merely lip service or excessive praise given for motives other than expressed.
The greatest efforts of the human race have always resulted from the love of praise. This should be inspired in childhood. The wise parent makes it. point to compliment a child who deserves it. A Woman I know has a 12 year old son who considers washing dishes for his mother a great honour. One night, while washing a large dish, it slipped and crashed on the floor. Then his mother said, "You know, Robert, of all the times you have washed the dishes for me, this is the first time you dropped one." Anxiety left the boy's face and he smiled. As one psychologist advises, "Praise virtue and you will find few vices to criticize."
There is an art in this giving of compliments. Thus the good compliment is always to the point and timing is important. Don't wait too long to tell a person: what a good talk he gave or how well he cut your grass. But don't do it immediately when he is expecting it either. Wait. Then when he thinks you may hive forgotten, pass the praise.
Confidence, it has been said, is the greatest gift that one human can given to another. But that does not mean we should be wasteful with our compliments. Rather we should count them carefully remembering that a good compliment has greater purchasing power than money, that no one is too busy or successful to receive a word of praise. (About 450 words)
(a) On the basis of your reading of the above passage, makes notes on It in points only, using headings, sub-headings and abbreviations (minimum 4), wherever necessary Supply a suitable title to it. 5
(b) Write a summary of the notes in about 80 words. 3


Q.3. Your school is organizing a Science and Technology exhibition in connection with it, prepare a poster to bring home to the people the importance of conservation of electricity. Your school is A.P. Public School , Daryaganj, Delhi (Word limit -50 words) or

You are disturbed after visiting a blind school in order to mobilize your friends and the school-mates, you are planning to campaign for eye donation. Prepare a poster highlighting the need for eye donation and eye banks. (Word limit: 50 words). 5
Q.4. You are Malik/Manju. You are much concerned about the poor quality of the unhygienic food supplied at some of the fast food centres in your locality, which is highly detrimental to health. Write an article on this issue highlighting the health hazard that may be caused. (Word limit - 200 words) 10 Or

You are MaIik/Manju. You have interviewed many students studying in Classes VI to VIII and their parents, on academic achievement. For a large number of students and parents, going for tuition classes for extra coaching has become a regular practice. The mushrooming coaching centres are an example for It. Write an article on the latest craze for tuition classes. (Word limit - 200 words) 10

Q.5. The Manager, ICICI Bank, Lucknow requires a few business development Managers, for the credit card section. Write an application for the post, offering your services, giving bio-data. You are Prithem/Priti, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow . 10 Or

You are Apoorva. You bought a television from Electronics, Gandhi Marg, Nagpur , it does not function property. Wrote a letter to the Sales Manager of the shop, complaining about the defect and seeking immediate replacement or repair, as necessary

Section C Grammar 20 Marks

Q.6. The Police have rounded up a couple of suspects after a chain-snatching incident and are interrogating them. Complete a set of five question and answers. Here is one for hint- 5 Marks

Inspector S. Where were you at 8 pm last night?

Suspect. At my friend’s house.

Q.7. In the following passage one word has been omitted. Fill the word at required place. 5 Marks

The longest war fought on this Earth has

Man’s war against wild creatures. It said

That this war is still waged. In the

Earliest days, man fought survival only.

Later, when he learnt grow crops and keep

Livestock, it still largely a war of

Defence to protect crops and other animals

From the wild animals.

Q.8. Arrange the following sentences to make a perfect paragraph. 5 Marks.

Some socio-cultural effects of tourism have been damaging.

Tourism often ushers in new life styles; arrangements as desired by tourists are provided in order to make them feel at home.

The emergence of this 'other' culture in various places has caused dissatisfaction among the local people.

The concern is that the local people tend to imitate the foreign values, breaking away from their own traditions.
To promote safe tourism while ensuring that it remains a profitable industry it is Imperative to understand the factors that hamper the growth of tourism and check them effectively.

Tourism the travel-based recreation - provides people with a change of place and a break from the monotony of daily life.

It brings peoples of different nations together, allowing them to come into close contact with each other's customs and other aspects of life.

Q.9. Lama T Phuntsok runs an orphanage in Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh. Frame ten questions that you would like to ask him regarding his work based on the items given in the box below. 5 Marks

Inspiration; beginning; atmosphere of the orphanage; funding; inmates; care; visitors ; support-community; school attached; road ahead. funding; inmates; care; visitors ; support-community; school


10. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow : 7 Marks

From her ear-rings three diamonds

Splash a handful of needles,

And I see my mother run back

From rain to the crying cradles

a) What pictures of the mother emerges in these lines?

b) What does the poet mean by ‘splash a handful of needles’?

c) Explain the literary device in the last line.

d) What adjective has been used by the poet earlier to express the image of her mother?


‘To bend with apples the mossed cottage trees,

And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core;

To swell the gourd, and plump the hazel shells.

With a sweet kernel; to set budding more,

And still more, later flowers for the bees,

Until they think warm days will never cease,

For summer has o’er-brimmed their clammy cells’

(a) Name the poem and the poet ? 1

(b) Pick out the names of two fruits ? 1

(c) Briefly describe the overall sense of abundance brought out in these lines.

(d) Who does ‘they’ stand for in line 6 ? 1

(e) What is the co-relation between ‘later flowers’ and the ‘bees’ ? 2

11. Answer any two of the following in about 50 words each : 4×2=8

(a) Bring out the significance of the title of the poem ‘Curtains’ in your own words.

(b) ‘Men who went out to battle grim and glad;

Children, with eyes that hate you, broken and mad,’

Bring out the contrast signified by the two lines.

(c) Bring out the love of Sally brought out in the panegyric ‘Sally in Our Alley’.

12. Answer any one of the following in about 80-100 words : 5 Marks

a) Compare and contrast the characters of Mr. White and Mrs. White with reference to the monkey’s paw b). Unlike other rulers before him, Alexander refuses to name a successor. Why does he do this? In the play,

the Queen mother reminds Alexander that ‘it is what you do which makes you what you are’ How far do

you agree with this?

13. Answer any two of the following in about 50 words each : 4×2 = 8

(a) What was Iona Potapov’s state of mind as he waits for a fare? What did he want to do? How was he

finally able to achieve his objective ?

(b) How was the deal between Jacques Roux and Robichon beneficial for both of them? Justify the title

‘The Judgement of Paris’.

(c) Asoka’s has done the same for Buddhism what St. Paul has done with his pen to Christianity.

14. Answer any one of the following in 100-125 words: 7 Marks

Comment on Einstein’s views on education briefly as he remarks that education is that which remains even one forgets everything he learnt at school. OR

How did Lisa meet Major Doronin ? How far they were able to take up their relationship and how did it end Justify the title of the story, ‘the Actress’


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