CBSE Sample Papers class XII English 2008 1

Sample Paper – 2008

Class – XII

Subject – English


Q1. Read the passage given below and then answer the questions which follow: (12 marks)

1. A scholar is refused admission to a good school primarily because of his weak interactive skills. It is indeed pathetic that though English is spoken fluently and used everyday; yet none is satisfied with their abilities. A learner feels he cannot express himself the way he wants to. And he fails miserably to connect with his own hidden power.

2. The Education system, in its endeavors to make Curriculum relevant and life-oriented has, as a matter of fact, fallen short of its standards. It is oblivious of the fact that the most applied & practical subject- English : is devoid of practical afflatus .English is at cross roads. Both aspects of Education: the cultural that empowers a learner to grow and the productive aspect that makes him do things, are relegated to the background Curriculum thus stands lopsided. It fails to provide full range of services and cannot tap teachers’ expertise. No proper moves and strategies have been formulated to make it unique. English courses are mushrooming and alluring advertisements (the clip given below) are often spotted

3.With the onset of the new millennium, demands of the Educational System to sensitize itself to changing societal needs has also increased manifold. The new race of human beings have to be served New Curriculum that caters to the Unity Of Thought, Action & Deed and help evolve an integrated human personality. A Comprehensive Curriculum alone can enhance their understanding of four basic skills.

4. Acquiring the skill of English is no Catwalk. And English is no Science where results are verified; but it means Construction; ingenuity at work. The Architecture that it builds can never be complete if it is divorced from learning by doing.

5. There are en number of Projects like Phonetics, News-reading, Indian literature, Poetry- composition, Interview skills, biography- launch, etc. which can help a pupil to experiment till he finds a medium that helps free flow of thoughts, to think critically and creatively and emerge as literary competent. As long as there is proper feeding, English will live in their hearts and reign in their minds. Sooner or later, they will be blessed with the English Manthan for Actionable learning that shall make a multidimensional impact on them.

“Within the enclosure(pupil’s) lies the potential for a new beginning

And within this exciting beginning lies an astonishing future for him.”

6. English cannot be conferred so easily and so soon We need to take control of English.There is a grave need to designate English, without the slightest hesitation, a practical status if at all, we want a remarkable future. The lack of efforts in learning English and the general feeling of not being interested in learning the English language that are plaguing the system should be urgently addressed.

Should not we all battle against this abuse?. S.R.Phillips

1.1. On the basis of your reading the passage answer the questions given below:

a) What are the interactive situations? (1 marks)

b) What is the ‘matter of grave concern’? (2 marks)

c) Explain unity of thought, action and deed? (2 marks)

d) How can English help evolve an integrated personality? (2 marks)

e) How can you find an astonishing future? (2 marks)

1.2. Pick out one word from the passage that means the same as: (3 marks)

a. Nascent (para1)

b. Pragmatic (para2)

c. Depths (para6)


Q3) Anshul / Anita has cleared the IIT entrance examination. The family is elated at the achievement and they decide to have a get-together for all friends. Draft an informal intivation for the get- together. (Word limit 50) (5 marks)


You are Shakun / Shalini working as the student’s representative on the Managing Committee of your school. The committee is gong to meet next week to chalk out an academic programme for the year 2008- 09. To ensure that the committee really prepares a need - based programme for the students, you have decided to invite the student’s suggestions on this subject. Write a notice in this regard in not more than 50 words. (5 marks)

Q4) You are Himesh / Honey, the Headboy - Mother’s International School. Recently your school hosted regional level Talent Search Festival. Write a report of this event for your school newsletter in about 125 words. (10 marks)


The World Book Fair was inaugurated by the Chairman of the Children’s Book Trust. The theme was “Stories for Children.” You are Himesh / Honey a student of class XII from Mother’s International School, Delhi. You visited the exhibition and were impressed with the range of books on display. Write a factual description in about 125 words. (10 marks)

Q5) You have recently launched a restaurant in Downing Street. Write a letter to the Manger FAB-INDIA inquiring about the latest furnishings and upholstery items, stating your requirement for the same. Word limit :150 (10 marks)


You are Suguna. Write a letter to the Editor of a National Daily expressing your grave concern over the media manipulation for the sake of publicity and sales promotion. (Word limit 150) (10 marks)

Q6) India has not fared well in almost all international level sports competitions. Cite reasons in its support and give suggestions for its improvement. Write an article of about 200 words for a sports magazine on ‘India’s Stature & International Sports’. Sign yourself as Miranda/ Mahender. (10 marks)


Heinous and sinister crimes against women, children and the aged in the metros are on the increase. The public and the police needs to be sensitized on this issue. Write an article to be published in a newspaper. You are Asif / Aruna. (Word limit 200 words)

(10 marks)


Q 7)

A) Read the extracts given below & answer the questions that follow: (4 marks)

And asked for some city money to feel in hand

To try if it will not make our being expand,

And give us the life of the ‘moving- pictures’ promise

That the party in power is said to be keeping from us

i) Why is the poet critical of the ruling government (2)

ii) Explain ‘make our being expand’ (1)

iii) What does life of the ‘moving pictures’ imply (1)


……..wan, pale

as a late winter’s moon

and felt that old

familiar ache, my childhood’s fear

but all I said was, see you soon, Amma,

all I did was smile and smile and smile

i) Mention the poetic device used & what does it suggest? (2)

ii) What were the poet’s ‘childhood fears’? (1)

iii) Why did the poet only ‘smile’? (1)

Q 7

B) Answer any three of the following questions in about 30-40 words each (2 x 3)

i) Do you think Pablo Neruda advocates total inactivity and death why and why not? (2)

ii) What is suggested by the massive weight of uncle’s wedding band? (2)

iii) Why is ‘grandeur’ associated with the mighty dead? (2)

iv) Cite the childish longing that the poet refers to? Why is it ‘vain’?(2)

Q8 Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words: (2 x 5)

i) Why did the instructor “build a swimmer” out of Douglas? (2)

ii) Why did Gandhi agree to a settlement of 25% refund to the farmers? (2)

iii) Why are the bangle makers of Firozabad unable to organize themselves into a cooperative? (2)

iv) What was Sophie’s relationship with Geoff? From her perspective, what did he symbolize? (2)

v) What did M. Hamel say about the French language in “the last lesson”? (2)

Q9) Answer any one of the following questions in about 125 words: (10marks)

Why the peddler signed himself as ‘Captain von Stahle’ in ‘the Rattrap’. Discuss.


Asokamitran has used humour and pungent satire effectively in “Poets and Pancakes” to point out human follies and foibles. Discuss.

Q 10) Answer any one of the following questions in about 125 words (7marks)

Why is Antartica the place to go to, to understand and study the past, present and future of the ‘Planet’?


The third level is a level of existence; medium of escape. Discuss with reference to ‘The Third Level.’

Q11) Answer the following briefly in about 30-40 words: (8marks)

i) What makes Jack feel caught in an ugly middle position? (2)

ii) Why did Sadao decide to help the wounded soldier despite knowing that he was the enemy? (2)

iii) Why was the Maharaja happy even though he had lost 3 lakh of rupees? (2)

iv) How does Derek benefit from his brief association with Mr.Lamb? (2)


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