CBSE Sample paper class XII Business Studies 2008 2

Time Allowed-2 Hrs Maximum Marks-50
Answer all questions
1. Give any two functions of Top Level Management. (1)
2. Name any two functions of Management. (1)
3. Which principle is deviated if the employee receives orders from two superiors ? (1)
4. Under which technique the work of a worker is supervised by many experts ? (1)
5. In what type of job was Henry Fayal engaged before writing the Principles of
Management ? (1)
6. Explain any three functions of Operational Levels of Management ? (3)
7. Distinguish between the Principles ‘Unity of Command’ and ‘Unity of Direction’. (3)
8. Define Coordination. Explain the nature of Coordination. (4)
9. Which Scientific Principles of Management were developed by F.W.Taylor ?Explain. (4)
10. Explain the following principles:-
a) Authority and Responsibility; b) Fair Remuneration to Employees (4)
11. Explain the nature of management Principles ? (5)
12. What are the significance of Management Principles ? (5)
13. “Management is regarded as a fully-developed profession”. Do you agree ? Give reasons.(5)
14. Explain any six techniques of Scientific Management ? (6)
15. Explain how Management is a Science ? (6)


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