CBSE Sample paper class X Social Studies 2008 2

Sample Paper – 2008

Class – X

Subject – Social Studies

Maximum marks: 80 Time taken: 3hrs

1. There are 30 questions in all.

2. Attempting all the questions is compulsory.

3. There are 10 marking question and internal choice has been provided in some areas.

4. Accurate and neat marking in case of maps is essential.

1. What is nation state? 1

2. What is cruelly? 1

3. State the objective of Bhakra – Nagal Project? 1

4. Name the industry associated with nepanangar? 1

5. What is apartheid? 1

6. Explain the term homogenous Society and migrant? 1

7. Name any two challenges the Indian democracy and why? 1

8. How is man closely related with environment? 1

9. Name the raw material which was exported to England from India? 1

10. In which year NCC was formed? 1

Group A

11. What provience of Vietnam was called “electricity fuse of Vietnam? 3

12. Explain the factor responsible for the great depression of 1929? 3


Group B

11. 19th Century indenture has been describe as a new system of Slavery? Explain 3

12. How did the pattern of family life change during 18th century? 3

13. How did print culture help in creating condition for French Revolution in 1989? 3

14 (a).Why there has been a decline in the jute industry? 1.5

(b). Why do u think that solar energy has a bright future in India 1.5

15. “In Situation with high risk, the credit might create further problem for the borrower” Explain this? 3

16. Explain “Every social difference does not lead to social division”? 3

17. Name the different alternate communication system during disasters. What are their needs? 3

18. Differentiate between man – made disaster and natural disaster? 1.5

(b) How can we treat on unconscious patients? 1.5

19. Describe the Contribution of any two leaders of Italian unification? 4


Briefly describe the nature of anti – imperialist movement in Vietnam? 4

20. Examine the event leading to the jallianwallah Bagh massacre? 4


“The two nation theory was total falsification of the entire history of Indian people” Explain this statement 4

21. Describe the distribution of Indian under following heads: - 4

Uses of coal

Occurrences of Coal

Types of Coal

Important Coal field

22. Indians prosperity lies in increasing and diversifying its manufacturing industries as quickly as possible. Suggest four points in favour of your arguments? 4

23. Do you think democracy is a guarantee of economic development? 4

24. Which drastic event Caught the media’s eye in the 1968 Olympic held at Mexico City. In do you approve of carlos and 3mith’s gesture? Why? 4

25. Differentiate between open unemployment and disguised

Unemployment? 4

26. Describe how RBI supervises the functioning of formal sources of lean. Give at least four points? 4

27. Explain the role of central government in protecting people from disaster 4

28. How is tertiary sector different from other sector? 4

29. An outline map of India, Identify

(I) the place where Bhagat singh and Raj Guree facid trial

(II) 4 major parts of India

(III) 2 nuclear of silk power plants

(IV) A center of silk textile

30. An outline map of Europe. Identify

4 State after viean can guess


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