CBSE Sample paper class X Social Studies 2008 1

Sample Paper - 2008

Class - X

Subject – Social Studies

1 State the objective of Bhakra – Nagal Project?

2 What is apartheid?

3 Who wrote the book “ Istri Dharam Vichar” ?

4 Solar energy is becoming popular in rural and remote area in India. Why?

5 What factors determine the location of cement Industries in India?

6 What is the first priority to democracy?

7 In which States are most Tea Plantations concentrated in India (name any two,)? Why can tea not be grown on plains?

8What percent of India population comprises SC and ST groups?

9 What causes led to the decline of the Surat seaport by the end of the 18” century?

1Give three reasons why small scale industries need to be encouraged in India in preference of large scale industries.

11 In what respects is the federalism practised in Belgium different from that practised in India?

12 How were metals like zinc and lead formed? Name one Indian state where we have zinc mines.

13 Why is economic growth relatively slow in a democracy? State any two reasons.

14 Why did self sufficiency in food mean a lower living standard and social conflict in nineteenth century Britain?

15 What advantages in the field of economic development can be reaped by resource planning,? Discuss briefly with appropriate illustrations.

16 How has overirrigation resulted in land degradation in states like Punjab and Haryana?

17 Why does India export iron ore even though we have to import certain varieties of steel?

23. What is decentralization? Why was there very little decentralization in effective term before 1992?

25. What is the definition of good Democracy?


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