CBSE Guess paper class X S.Studies 2008 2

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Time allowed: 80 minutes] [Maximum Marks: 25

General Instructions:

  1. Attempt all questions.
  2. Do not write anything on the question paper.
  3. Questions 1 to 11 carry 2 marks each and question 12 carries 3 marks.
  4. Marks for each question are indicated near it.

1. Briefly describe Jallianwallabagh massacre. 2

2. Explain any 2 power sharing arrangements made in modern democracies. 2

3. (a) List the classification of resources based on ownership. 1

(b) How has overirrigation resulted in land degradation in states like Punjab and Haryana? 1

4. Describe 2 ways of detecting tsunami 2

5. Different people have different conflicting developmental goals. Justify with 2 examples. 2

6. Indian political leaders have avoided the kind of situation in Sri Lanka with respect to language policy. How? 2

7. Explain the steps involved in resource planning. 2

8. What is the main criterion used by World Bank in classifying countries? What are the limitations of this criterion? 2

9. How did reinterpretation of history create a feeling of nationalism? 2

10. What are Union Territories? How are they administered? 2

11. Distinguish between khadar and bangar. 2

12. Why were the responses of Muslims in the Civil Disobedience movement lukewarm? What were their anxieties? 3


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