CBSE class XII Computer Science Questions 2008

Q:- 1 In which type of transmission technique fixed limit of data can be send?

Q:- 2 What are the other names of NIU ?

Q:- 3 Which device connects dissimilar networks?

Q:- 4 Give acronymn of

1. IP 2. TCP/IP 3. NSFnet
4. Mbps 5. DGM 6. HTTP
10. 3G & EDGE 11. DNS 12. XML
13. WLL 14. NIU 15. ARPANET
16. MAC 17. VGM 18. Mhz
19. URL 20. FTP 21. CDMA
22. GSM 23. SMS 24. HTML
25. DHTML 26. ISP

Q:- 5 What is bleeding of signal?

Q:- 6 Which communication medium is to be suggested for very effective and fast communication in guided medium?

Q:- 7 In harsh industrial environment which cable would you like to use?

Q:- 8 Which media have the ability to communicate over oceans?

Q:- 9 What is the difference between microwave and radiowave transmission?

Q:- 10 Which is the special case of microwave relay system?

Q:- 11 Which transmission medium is useful for sparsely populated areas?

Q:- 12 In which transmission medium Bandwidth allocation is limited?

Q:- 13 What is baud?

Q:- 14 Which network is easy to expand?

Q:- 15 In which network there is no server?

Q:- 16 In Ethernet card which connection is used for coaxial cable or twisted pair or for both?

Q:- 17 Which device filter the data and which device can handle different protocol?

Q:- 18 Which device do not control broadcast , filter traffic and filter collision?

Q:-1 9 Which networking device is used for less no. of nodes or which is for more no. of nodes?

Q:- 20 When there is a problem of protocol which device is used?

Q:- 21 In which device dedicated bandwidth is there?


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