CBSE class X Mathematics Important Questions 2008


  1. State Euclid division lemma.
  2. Prove that {root 5} is an irrational number.
  3. Prove that cube of any +ve integer is 9m, 9m+1 or 9m+8 where q is some integer


  1. find the nth term of the A.P. 2, 5, 8……………, find its 54 Th term
  2. What are an A.P. and a term?
  3. Find the sum of first n odd natural numbers.
  4. Find sum of first 22 terms of an A.P. in which d=22 and a22=149.
  5. A man is employed to count Rs 10710.He counts @ Rs 180/minute for half an hour. After it he counts @Rs 3 less than the preceding minute. What time he had taken to count the entire money?

CHAPTER - 7{Theorems only}

  1. Thale’s theorem.
  2. If 2 triangles ABC and PQR are similar then prove that ratios of their areas are in ratio of squares of their corresponding sides.
  3. Pythagoras theorem.


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