CBSE class XII Physics Important Questions 2008

Q. 1. What is phasor diagram?

Q. 2. State ampere’s loop rule.

Q. 3. Define neutral point.

Q. 4. What are nucleons?

Q. 5. What is baseband?

Q. 6. Define the term forbidden gap.

Q. 7. What is superconductivity?

Q. 8. What is carrier wave?

Q. 9. What is diffraction?

Q. 10. What is photoelectric effect?

Q. 11. What is angle of declination?

Q. 12. What is FAX?

Q. 13. What is threshold wavelength?

Q. 14. State two functions of modem.

Q. 15. What is output resistance?

Q. 16. State Lenz’s law.

Q. 17. What is electromagnetic induction?

Q. 18. What are magnetic field lines?

Q. 19. What is Biot savart’s law?

Q. 20. Show that 1T = N/ A-m


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